Bottled in China

Bottled in China brings you into Asia's food and drink scene through conversations with the some of the most happening personalities. Hosted by Emilie Steckenborn, the show is your one spot for all things food, beer, wine and spirits from across the world.

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    Food for Thought: Food Waste in China with June Zhang of Collective Responsibility

    Food waste is a heated topic around the world but particularly in China. We always hear stories about illegally sold restaurant waste reused for it's cooking oil or thousands of tons of food scraps wasted each day in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing. But what is actually happening in the food recycling ecosystem in China?

    In today’s podcast we sit down with June Zhang to discuss her findings about what’s actually happening in China’s recycling system.

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    China's Bubbling Champagne Market with Edouard Duval, CEO of EMW

    Champagne is a growing category around the world, but do we see the same trend in China? In this episode we explore the current situation of Champagne in China with Edouard Duval, CEO of East Meets West Fine Wines (EMW). After 15 years of running a successful beverage distribution business in China, Edouard Duval joins us to discuss how it all got started. EMW is one of the leading fine wine distributors in Greater China focused on family owned wineries. Growing up in the business and part of the Duval-Leroy Champagne house, Edouard shares some insight into the Champagne industry.

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    Decanting the Wine World with John Stimpfig, Content Director of Decanter Magazine

    Decanter Wine Magazine is one of the leading wine publications focused on lifestyle, industry insights, regional profiles and authoritative wine reviews. Founded in 1975, Decanter is the oldest wine publication in circulation in the UK. Today, Decanter grows its footprint around the world with its widely anticipated yearly consumer tasting and masterclasses during the Shanghai Fine Wine Encounter. In this podcast we're joined with award winning wine writer and Content Director at Decanter Magazine, John Stimpfig. We sit down to discuss everything from their Shanghai events, Chinese wines in the UK, global warming and even some tips on where to start if you want to become a wine writer.

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    The Power of Grit and Mentorship with Elyse Lambert MS

    Elyse Lambert MS is one of the most respected female sommeliers in the world. Based in Montreal, Quebec, she earned the title of Master Sommelier in 2015. Elyse has her own radio program on Radio Canada, winner of numerous sommelier competitions across the world and is a featured wine columnist in various publications. There’s certainly no slowing down for her.

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    BIG Possibilities for Canadian Wines with Jakub Lipinski of Big Head Wines

    Does Canada only produce Icewine? Recognized for its cold winters and cool climate wines, we discuss where this young winemaking country is headed. Today, we speak with Niagara based boutique wine producer Jakub Lipinski of Big Head Wines about the diversity of Canadian wines. In this episode we talk about the founding and development of Canadian wines in the international scene. We discover how Big Head wines got it's start and how it makes excellent wine from a place not often thought of in the international stage. If exploring great wines around the world is your passion check out this podcast. Enjoy!

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    Wholesome Living in China with Frank Steffen, Founder of Pure & Whole

    Frank Steffen is known as the pioneer of the vegetarian movement in Shanghai. Over eight years ago he founded Pure & Whole, formally Kush, and has since opened up several restaurants focused on plant based dishes. In this episode, we discuss how he picked himself up from one of the lowest points of his life through healthy eating, meditation, yoga and self help groups. Today, he has expanded wholesome living beyond food to coaching and improving the lives of others.

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    Chilean Wine is WOWing in the China Market, with Julio Alonso, Director of Wines of Chile Asia

    China is Chile's largest market for wine, through 2016-2017, overall imports into China grew 26%. Today, we sit down with the the Director of Wines of Chile Asia, Julio Alonso, to discuss the Wines of Chile strategy to entering the market. In this podcast we look at how Chile is recognized as the land of innovation, sustainability, purity and diversity. We also discuss what makes Chile different to other wine producing regions through the lens of poetry, food pairing, and art.

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    Building that Burger Empire with Charles Zeng, Founder & CEO of Charlie's Hospitality Group

    Charles Zeng could be the burger mayor of Shanghai. He currently owns five Charlie’s Burger restaurants in the city and consistently serves up some of the most legit burgers, shakes, and now gourmet Jianbing — an early morning local favourite. In today’s podcast, we discuss Charles’ journey and his tips on navigating the F&B scene in China. We also get to talking about some of his wackier creations, like gourmet dog treats (which he swears are delicious) and truffle Jianbing. All of that and more in today's podcast!

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    All about drinks with Theo Watt Founder of DRiNK Magazine & Thirsty Work Productions

    DRiNK Magazine is arguably the industry's insider view into the leading bars, personalities and hotspots in Asia. Today, we discuss with Theo Watt, Founder of Thirsty Work Productions & DRiNK Magazine about his journey, DRiNK Magazine Bar Awards, Baijiu and how a trip to Sri Lanka sparked a new idea to help bring the DRiNK community together.

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    An APP for your Appetite with Stone Shi, Founder & CEO of Bon APP!

    If you don't already know, China is a foodie nation. With so many various local cuisines and now, international restaurants opening up in tier one cities, there's enough selection to keep us constantly busy. But how can we navigate the thousands of restaurants in Shanghai alone? Today, we speak to Stone Shi, Founder & CEO of Bon APP!, an APP that helps you discover great restaurants with dining suggestions to over 13 cities in China.

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