Bottled in China

Bottled in China brings you into Asia's food and drink scene through conversations with the some of the most happening personalities. Hosted by Emilie Steckenborn, the show is your one spot for all things food, beer, wine and spirits from across the world.

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    What's Brewing with Paul Gelinas, VP & General Manager, China at Stone Brewing

    Beer lovers rejoice! Stone Brewing is opening up their very own taproom and promising to deliver China the freshest craft beer straight from America. Voted twice by readers of Beer Advocate as the #1 "All Time Top Brewery on Planet Earth", Stone Brewing wants to make sure you get the real deal. In this podcast we sit down with Paul Gelinas, VP & General Manager at Stone Brewing, to discuss all things beer.

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    Can Blockchain Solve Fake Goods Entering the Market? With Billy Chan from DropChain

    If you live in China you usually ask yourself: is this milk real? Is this wine a copy? Is this vegetable really organic? Billy Chan, Founder of DropChain hopes that blockchain innovation will set us in the right direction by providing a more transparent food and beverage supply network. He believes that tracking where your consumable goods comes from through downstream engagement and gamification is the way of the future.

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    Italian Wine in China with Simone Incontro Simone Incontro, the GM of Greater China for Veronafiere/Vinitaly

    Italy is one of the epicenters of gastronomy, luxury goods, and needless to say, great wine! But while the French have enjoyed massive success in the China market, what about Italy? In this recording, we're joined with Simone Incontro, the General Manager of Greater China for Veronafiere/Vinitaly.

    In this podcast, we discuss what Vinitaly has done to raise awareness of Italian wines in China from building top training programs with Ian D'Agata, Stevie Kim and the Vinitaly International Academy, to bringing producers together at expo’s and spreading the word one taste at a time.

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    Discussing Shanghai's First Gin Distillery with Joseph Judd from Peddlers Gin Company

    In 2016, three friends got together and decided to create Shanghai's first ever premium Gin. They did so by creating a brand that stays true to Shanghai and selecting ingredients that reflect China's unique spices, herbs, and fruits. In today's episode, we are joined by Joseph Judd, Co-Founder & Head of Brand at Peddlers Gin Company. We discuss how it all got started, the inspiration for the brand and what's next for Shanghai's first Gin brand.

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    China's Beverage Guru Ian Ford, Summergate Co-Founder and Founder at Lightkeeper Studio

    With over 25 years of wine development in China, Ian Ford joins us today to share his adventures, insights, and expertise in the food and beverage scene. Ian has influenced and witnessed one of the largest shifts in wine consumerism in the word. In this podcast, we discuss the rapid appreciation of wine in China. Furthermore, Ian shares us his tips on succeeding and navigating the Chinese market. Finally, we dive into everything from sparkling water, coffee, coconut water and even bagels!

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    Serving Inspiration with Koen Vessies, Executive Chef of El Willy F&B Group

    Have you wondered how Chefs gain their inspiration? In this podcast we talk with Koen Vessies, Executive Chef of El Willy F&B Group about his travel abroad and how he finds inspiration in the kitchen. Open up any menu at any restaurant part of the El Willy F&B Group and you'll always find innovating dishes and a surprising combination of flavors.

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    Hot Pot and Californian Wine? With Christopher Beros of California Wine Institute

    Expert wine market insight and unexpected wine pairing advice with tricky dishes with Christopher Beros the Asia Director of California Wine Institute. In this podcast we discuss the rise of Californian wines in China and we explore the multitude of AVA's that make California one of the most diverse wine regions in the world. Christopher also shares with us his insider thoughts on up and coming varietals and interesting wine regions you might not have heard of.
    Get your insider tips and beyond on today’s episode! Enjoy

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    Meet one of Shanghai's most happening personalities in F&B, Camden Hauge

    Ever wanted to have a secret dinner party in the middle of a skate park? Meet one of Shanghai's most happening personalities in the food and drink industry, owner and operator of Egg, co-founder of Social Supply, Camden Hauge. From New York, London and now based here in Shanghai, Camden creates unique and interesting events like Shanghai Supperclub, FEAST, SIP and many more.

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