Bottled in China

Bottled in China brings you into Asia's food and drink scene through conversations with the some of the most happening personalities. Hosted by Emilie Steckenborn, the show is your one spot for all things food, beer, wine and spirits from across the world.

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    What is China's Future Flagship Grape? With Julien Bouldard , Director of Zhulian Wine Consulting

    “Who wants to try, honestly, Chinese Cabernet Sauvignon? But what about Chinese Marselan? I think there’s something here, an opportunity.”

    Today we sit down with Julien Boulard, a China based wine educator, Master of Wine Candidate and Director of Zhulian Wine Consulting. In this episode we discuss everything you need to know about Chinese wines from key regions, why Chinese wines are priced so high and what could be the future of Marselan in China.

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    Dragons and Gin with Daniel Brooker, Owner & Maker of Dragon's Blood Gin

    Dragons are real and they come from Inner Mongolia. Today we speak with Daniel Brooker, Owner and Maker of Dragon's Blood, a gin produced in Chifeng in Inner Mongolia.
    With two distinct creations just released on the market, he’s taking his approach as a Chef and blending it into the world as a master distiller. In this episode we discuss the name behind Dragon's Blood, how it all got started and his unique approach to distilling.

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    Turning Used Cooking Oil into Biofuel with Liu Shutong, Founder of MotionEco

    A messy problem with a green solution. In today's podcast we sit down with CEO of MotionECO, Shu Tong about how his company sources used cooking oil in China and converts into biofuel.

    This is the core issue: China has lots of food waste. It includes massive amounts of used cooking oil. The oil is often collected illegally and traded unethically, sometimes returning to the restaurants through a shady black market. MotionECO offers a legal, ethical and sustainable alternative to waste cooking oil management. Today, we sit down to discuss the efficiency of biofuel, how MotionECO is looking to disrupted the local biodiesel market and its future in China.

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    The Green Coffee Revolution with Lewis Harding, CEO of Coffee Exchange

    In today's episode we sit down with Lewis Harding, CEO of Coffee Exchange to discuss one of our favorite beverages, coffee. Coffee Exchange is a marketplace that connects, often isolated producers, with eager buyers and roasters in China. Currently based in Shanghai, Lewis spent 10 years in finance and entrepreneurship before finding his true calling in his morning cup. In this podcast we discuss how Coffee Exchange all got started and what the Chinese coffee scene is really like.

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    Washington Wine Legend Bob Betz Master of Wine

    Today we sit down with Bob Betz, Master of Wine, Consulting Winemaker and Founder of Betz Family Winery to discuss his journey and Washington State wines. Bob has played A leading role in Washington's wine industry for the last+ 40 vintages. In this episode we find out what makes Washington a unique wine region and what makes it different from Cali wines.

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    The Spirited Future of Port in Asia with Jorge Nunes, Winemaker/ APAC Market Manager for Symington Family Estates

    Watch out everyone, Port is no longer for your grandparent’s generation. Listen in to learn how Port is being embarked and reborn in Asia as the best value for your money. This sweet and rich fortified wine from Portugal is driving unprecedented growth in Asia. Today we sit down with Jorge Nunes the APAC Market Manager for Symington Family Estates to discuss everything about Port! We dive into its traditional production method, how to properly enjoy a glass and what’s the market like in APAC.

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    Food for Thought: Food Waste in China with June Zhang of Collective Responsibility

    Food waste is a heated topic around the world but particularly in China. We always hear stories about illegally sold restaurant waste reused for it's cooking oil or thousands of tons of food scraps wasted each day in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing. But what is actually happening in the food recycling ecosystem in China?

    In today’s podcast we sit down with June Zhang to discuss her findings about what’s actually happening in China’s recycling system.

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    China's Bubbling Champagne Market with Edouard Duval, CEO of EMW

    Champagne is a growing category around the world, but do we see the same trend in China? In this episode we explore the current situation of Champagne in China with Edouard Duval, CEO of East Meets West Fine Wines (EMW). After 15 years of running a successful beverage distribution business in China, Edouard Duval joins us to discuss how it all got started. EMW is one of the leading fine wine distributors in Greater China focused on family owned wineries. Growing up in the business and part of the Duval-Leroy Champagne house, Edouard shares some insight into the Champagne industry.

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    Decanting the Wine World with John Stimpfig, Content Director of Decanter Magazine

    Decanter Wine Magazine is one of the leading wine publications focused on lifestyle, industry insights, regional profiles and authoritative wine reviews. Founded in 1975, Decanter is the oldest wine publication in circulation in the UK. Today, Decanter grows its footprint around the world with its widely anticipated yearly consumer tasting and masterclasses during the Shanghai Fine Wine Encounter. In this podcast we're joined with award winning wine writer and Content Director at Decanter Magazine, John Stimpfig. We sit down to discuss everything from their Shanghai events, Chinese wines in the UK, global warming and even some tips on where to start if you want to become a wine writer.

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    The Power of Grit and Mentorship with Elyse Lambert MS

    Elyse Lambert MS is one of the most respected female sommeliers in the world. Based in Montreal, Quebec, she earned the title of Master Sommelier in 2015. Elyse has her own radio program on Radio Canada, winner of numerous sommelier competitions across the world and is a featured wine columnist in various publications. There’s certainly no slowing down for her.

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    BIG Possibilities for Canadian Wines with Jakub Lipinski of Big Head Wines

    Does Canada only produce Icewine? Recognized for its cold winters and cool climate wines, we discuss where this young winemaking country is headed. Today, we speak with Niagara based boutique wine producer Jakub Lipinski of Big Head Wines about the diversity of Canadian wines. In this episode we talk about the founding and development of Canadian wines in the international scene. We discover how Big Head wines got it's start and how it makes excellent wine from a place not often thought of in the international stage. If exploring great wines around the world is your passion check out this podcast. Enjoy!

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    Wholesome Living in China with Frank Steffen, Founder of Pure & Whole

    Frank Steffen is known as the pioneer of the vegetarian movement in Shanghai. Over eight years ago he founded Pure & Whole, formally Kush, and has since opened up several restaurants focused on plant based dishes. In this episode, we discuss how he picked himself up from one of the lowest points of his life through healthy eating, meditation, yoga and self help groups. Today, he has expanded wholesome living beyond food to coaching and improving the lives of others.

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    Chilean Wine is WOWing in the China Market, with Julio Alonso, Director of Wines of Chile Asia

    China is Chile's largest market for wine, through 2016-2017, overall imports into China grew 26%. Today, we sit down with the the Director of Wines of Chile Asia, Julio Alonso, to discuss the Wines of Chile strategy to entering the market. In this podcast we look at how Chile is recognized as the land of innovation, sustainability, purity and diversity. We also discuss what makes Chile different to other wine producing regions through the lens of poetry, food pairing, and art.

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    Building that Burger Empire with Charles Zeng, Founder & CEO of Charlie's Hospitality Group

    Charles Zeng could be the burger mayor of Shanghai. He currently owns five Charlie’s Burger restaurants in the city and consistently serves up some of the most legit burgers, shakes, and now gourmet Jianbing — an early morning local favourite. In today’s podcast, we discuss Charles’ journey and his tips on navigating the F&B scene in China. We also get to talking about some of his wackier creations, like gourmet dog treats (which he swears are delicious) and truffle Jianbing. All of that and more in today's podcast!

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    All about drinks with Theo Watt Founder of DRiNK Magazine & Thirsty Work Productions

    DRiNK Magazine is arguably the industry's insider view into the leading bars, personalities and hotspots in Asia. Today, we discuss with Theo Watt, Founder of Thirsty Work Productions & DRiNK Magazine about his journey, DRiNK Magazine Bar Awards, Baijiu and how a trip to Sri Lanka sparked a new idea to help bring the DRiNK community together.

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    An APP for your Appetite with Stone Shi, Founder & CEO of Bon APP!

    If you don't already know, China is a foodie nation. With so many various local cuisines and now, international restaurants opening up in tier one cities, there's enough selection to keep us constantly busy. But how can we navigate the thousands of restaurants in Shanghai alone? Today, we speak to Stone Shi, Founder & CEO of Bon APP!, an APP that helps you discover great restaurants with dining suggestions to over 13 cities in China.

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    What's Brewing with Paul Gelinas, VP & General Manager, China at Stone Brewing

    Beer lovers rejoice! Stone Brewing is opening up their very own taproom and promising to deliver China the freshest craft beer straight from America. Voted twice by readers of Beer Advocate as the #1 "All Time Top Brewery on Planet Earth", Stone Brewing wants to make sure you get the real deal. In this podcast we sit down with Paul Gelinas, VP & General Manager at Stone Brewing, to discuss all things beer.

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    Can Blockchain Solve Fake Goods Entering the Market? With Billy Chan from DropChain

    If you live in China you usually ask yourself: is this milk real? Is this wine a copy? Is this vegetable really organic? Billy Chan, Founder of DropChain hopes that blockchain innovation will set us in the right direction by providing a more transparent food and beverage supply network. He believes that tracking where your consumable goods comes from through downstream engagement and gamification is the way of the future.

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    Italian Wine in China with Simone Incontro Simone Incontro, the GM of Greater China for Veronafiere/Vinitaly

    Italy is one of the epicenters of gastronomy, luxury goods, and needless to say, great wine! But while the French have enjoyed massive success in the China market, what about Italy? In this recording, we're joined with Simone Incontro, the General Manager of Greater China for Veronafiere/Vinitaly.

    In this podcast, we discuss what Vinitaly has done to raise awareness of Italian wines in China from building top training programs with Ian D'Agata, Stevie Kim and the Vinitaly International Academy, to bringing producers together at expo’s and spreading the word one taste at a time.

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    Discussing Shanghai's First Gin Distillery with Joseph Judd from Peddlers Gin Company

    In 2016, three friends got together and decided to create Shanghai's first ever premium Gin. They did so by creating a brand that stays true to Shanghai and selecting ingredients that reflect China's unique spices, herbs, and fruits. In today's episode, we are joined by Joseph Judd, Co-Founder & Head of Brand at Peddlers Gin Company. We discuss how it all got started, the inspiration for the brand and what's next for Shanghai's first Gin brand.

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    China's Beverage Guru Ian Ford, Summergate Co-Founder and Founder at Lightkeeper Studio

    With over 25 years of wine development in China, Ian Ford joins us today to share his adventures, insights, and expertise in the food and beverage scene. Ian has influenced and witnessed one of the largest shifts in wine consumerism in the word. In this podcast, we discuss the rapid appreciation of wine in China. Furthermore, Ian shares us his tips on succeeding and navigating the Chinese market. Finally, we dive into everything from sparkling water, coffee, coconut water and even bagels!

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    Serving Inspiration with Koen Vessies, Executive Chef of El Willy F&B Group

    Have you wondered how Chefs gain their inspiration? In this podcast we talk with Koen Vessies, Executive Chef of El Willy F&B Group about his travel abroad and how he finds inspiration in the kitchen. Open up any menu at any restaurant part of the El Willy F&B Group and you'll always find innovating dishes and a surprising combination of flavors.

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    Hot Pot and Californian Wine? With Christopher Beros of California Wine Institute

    Expert wine market insight and unexpected wine pairing advice with tricky dishes with Christopher Beros the Asia Director of California Wine Institute. In this podcast we discuss the rise of Californian wines in China and we explore the multitude of AVA's that make California one of the most diverse wine regions in the world. Christopher also shares with us his insider thoughts on up and coming varietals and interesting wine regions you might not have heard of.
    Get your insider tips and beyond on today’s episode! Enjoy

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    Meet one of Shanghai's most happening personalities in F&B, Camden Hauge

    Ever wanted to have a secret dinner party in the middle of a skate park? Meet one of Shanghai's most happening personalities in the food and drink industry, owner and operator of Egg, co-founder of Social Supply, Camden Hauge. From New York, London and now based here in Shanghai, Camden creates unique and interesting events like Shanghai Supperclub, FEAST, SIP and many more.

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    Crazy for Coconuts with Founder of gre3n Thames Wangpatravanich

    In the last couple years coconut water has taken off in big cities like Shanghai. One of the most iconic names you'll see in the city is gre3n coconut water which was launched in 2014 by Thames Wangpatravanich. But how did gre3n become an icon for healthy living in Shanghai? Today we're joined by Founder and CEO of gre3n to share his story of how it all started and what are the dynamics of coconut water in the Chinese beverage industry.

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    Fashion marketer by day, food KOL by night with Mary Ma

    Fashion marketer by day, food KOL by night. Mary Ma is a foodie, chef and key opinion leader in the F&B scene here in Shanghai. Her own passion for cooking started a few years back when she began hosting dinner events at her house for total strangers! Now with over 30,000 subscribers, she runs 11PM, a pop up burger stand that serves high quality burgers with a twist in the late evenings, has cooperated with Air BnB, appeared on numerous cooking shows and is now documenting her adventures of turning 30. All while working full time!

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    What it Takes to Become a DFB with Hoon Namgoong

    Ever wonder what it takes to become a Director of Food & Beverage in a top hotel? In this podcast we interview Hoon Namgoong, Director of Food and Beverage for Double Tree by Hilton about what it's really like to manage 200 employees and 6 restaurant outlets.

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    No Menu Cocktail Concept with Founder Eddy Yang of The Tailor Group

    Shanghai runs on cocktails! Today, we sit down with one of China's most renown bartenders and Founder at The Tailor Group: Eddy Yang. We talk about his experience from what it was like working in London at Detroit Bar and how it was like to return to China in 2010 and launch into his own business.

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    China's First Ever Cinnamon Roll Bakery with Co-Founder Jared Turner of CinnaSwirl

    Anyone with a sweet tooth would have craved cinnamon rolls if they stayed in China long enough. Finally a shop that does just that: make the best cinnamon rolls you've ever tasted! Today, I'm joined with Co-Founder of CinnaSwirl Jared Turner for a sweet episode all about cinnamon rolls and the taste of cinnamon in China.

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    Mixing Success & Passion with Chief Mixologist Macarena Rotger

    To listen to Macarena Rotger Chief Mixologist talk about her cocktails is to step into a dreamy wonderland. Especially when she describes you her Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice or how her Down the Rabbit Hole cocktail changes color!

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    The Rise of Premium Chinese Coffee with Bryan from Lanna Coffee

    Chinese coffee? Many people might not know that there's great quality coffee produced in Yunnan, China. Today, we talk to founder Brian from Lanna Coffee about Yunnan coffee and what's going on in the coffee scene here in China. This part of China is mostly recognized for it's stunning natural beauty, its famous Puer tea and home to 24 different ethnic minorities. In the last decade, Yunnan has also become China's leading producing region of coffee.

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    Street Food & Bourbon Aged Beer with Dave Bob from Kentucky Ale

    Taiwan is famed for it's lively night markets lined with food stalls that serve up local specialties. Today, I'm joined with "Bar & Club Personality of the Year" Dave Bob who is now the Senior Brand Rep for Kentucky Ale & Town Branch Spirits based in Taiwan. A foodie at heart, we discuss what it's like growing up in Vermont, Beijing BBQ, the success story of Kentucky Ale & Alltech and finally, street food!

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    WeChat Tips for Navigating China with Zhiwei, CEO of Penguin Guide

    Ever wonder how to leverage your brand on Wechat, China's largest social media platform with over 1 billion users?
    Zhiwei, CEO of Penguin Guide joins us today to discuss the evolution of online sales and marketing in China. With over half a million followers, Zhiwei founded a successful wine education and entertainment platform that has now branched out to food, wine, beer and so much more.

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